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CBT is a talking therapy where evidence-based models support its success for emotional disorders. .This therapy is collaborative and in session one's own skills and knowledge are used to solve the present emotional problems by looking into the thinking, emotions, physical symptoms and behaviour in specific situations. The therapy has a beginning, middle and an end. It starts with getting to know your thoughts, feelings and the way you behave when you do not feel yourself. In mid-therapy you would apply the techniques that help you to move forward and at the end consolidate your learning about yourself and look at future plans.
A metaphor such as learning to drive might explain the therapeutical path better: Starting to drive (therapy) is challenging because there is so much to learn but the support of a driving instructor (therapist) helps you through. When you pass your test you are ready to drive on your own (end of therapy), it appears daunting once more being alone again, but practice makes it easy in either case.

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