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Emotional disorders come in different ‘sizes’ and ‘depth’ of feeling shaping the lives of people suffering from them and altering their daily routines in different ways. For instance, in depression somebody might be able to work daily but for somebody else it might be difficult to even get out of the house. They both suffer from depression but one is able to cope better than the other because for the latter the depth of the negative cycles of thinking and emotions run deeper.  In reality, mental problems are not that different from physical problems in that everybody that suffers from the same condition reports different ‘depth’ of suffering for the same symptoms.Anxiety is a large family of conditions. Suffering from one emotional condition does not exclude other conditions. For instance, some depressed clients might become anxious as the depression lifts and the same for all the other conditions. This is comorbidity and it is also addressed in the therapeutical path.

More general websites for definitions or worksheets: http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk. For specific aspects of emotional disorders: http://www.terapiacognitiva.eu/dwl/dsm5/DSM-IV.pdf.

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